Darren Handley

Asset Manager Centennial Parklands & The Australian Botanic Garden, Mt Annan

Centennial Parklands recently added a new amenity to their Learners Cycleway area of the Parklands. This amenity consisted of a café and cycle hire facility. After only a few months the area immediately in front of the cycle hire had become heavily worn as it was being used as a parking location for the pedal cars. After consultation with all stakeholders the decision was made to resurface the area in a synthetic solution. The result of this has been that we now have an area that is visually pleasing 365 days of the year so much so that we are seeing mothers groups throw rugs out an picnic on it. Better still some of these groups are unaware that is even artificial !! I would recommend Craig Bowron and his team at Lifestyle Lawns Australia for all installations, the guys have a can do attitude and carry out the tasks in the most safe and efficient way.