Sydney North Shore – Synthetic Lawn Installation in Backyard


During Summer in Australia, the most popular place to be is in the backyard especially if you have a pool or any play equipment like a trampoline. However, popular means high traffic and high traffic can mean all your hard work, mowing, weeding, fertilising, watering your natural grass can, unfortunately, be for nothing and at worse mean you end up with mud pits throughout your backyard.

That won’t happen for this family in Cammeray that contacted us to replace approx 52 sq m of natural grass around their pool and backyard where they had a favourite with the kids, a big trampoline.

Our highly trained and experienced team installed our top quality synthetic grass in these areas. This family can now ‘stop mowing and start living’ in their beautiful backyard with family and friends and know that their new lawn is:

Safe – as does not require the use of any harsh chemicals.
Cool – all our artificial grass products are manufactured with Australian Made Cool Plus yarn that reflects the sun’s heat.
Low maintenance – it is more durable than natural grass, so won’t be ruined by kids playing and it also won’t get waterlogged so it won’t turn brown or stop growing in patches.

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