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Rescue your weekends with an artificial lawn. Lifestyle Lawns supply you with a top quality, low-maintenance lawn you will enjoy for many years. You can save on installation costs by installing yourself. It’s time to stop mowing and start living.

  • DIY installation option
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  • We choose Australian-made, CoolPlus yarn
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Our experienced team will install your artificial grass for you quickly and simply. However, we understand this isn’t always convenient for you, so we are also happy to supply your grass ready for you to fit it yourself at a time to suit you.

If you want to install your lawn yourself, we’ve put together this guide demonstrating the best methods to use for high quality, long lasting results.

Fitting an Artificial Lawn

Step 1

Mark out the area you want your lawn to cover with a rope, then spray paint the outline directly onto the ground. Measure the marked off area accurately, paying particular attention to the width – artificial grass is supplied in lengths of your specification, but the rolls come in a width of 3.68 metres as standard.

Step 2

Dig up the area you will be covering to a depth of 90 mm. This allows for a minimum of 70 mm of road base and the 20mm you will need for the artificial turf.

Step 3

Lay your road base, making sure it’s level. Then, compact it using a plate compactor. Please remember to slant your base so that water can drain out. This will prevent your artificial lawn from becoming waterlogged.

Step 4

Roll out your artificial turf, making sure to cover the outlined area completely plus a little extra around the edges for trimming. Using a sharp Stanley knife, make a cut one stitch deep into the grass to remove the excess from the sides. Then butt the joins close together without overlapping.

Step 5

This where you join the sections of grass together. It’s important to get it right if you want your lawn to look professionally finished.

Firstly, stand on one section of the turf so it does not move, then fold back the side where it will join the next piece. While still standing on the section, mark off the centre of the join, then replace that section. Do the same with the other side.

Then roll out your joining tape, making sure it is centred in the middle of the join. Nail it in place at each end so it will not move when you are joining the pieces together.

If you are using an all-in-one seaming tape, you should now pull off one side of the tape and place it in the grass, then repeat with the other side. Alternatively, if you are using seaming tape and glue, you should spread the glue onto the taped area using a 3mm notch trowel. Try not to let go of the tape and make sure to remove any excess glue. Roll in first one side, then the other, taking care not to let the grass fall into the glue.

You’re now ready to roll over the grass. Using a seam roller or a water roller will give you the best results.

Step 6

Secure the edges of the turf using nails or turf pegs placed no further than one metre apart from each other. Then cut in the edges of the grass using a sharp Stanley knife. For better accuracy, you can mark the grass first at about 200mm short of the edges, then cut between the marks.

Step 7

Top dress your artificial grass with either kiln dried sand or Hydrochill infill. An even 15-20mm coating should be applied using a broom. Make sure you brush in the direction the grass is lying, to avoid making the pile stand up.



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We’re Here to Help

You should now have a beautiful and long-lasting lawn you and our family can enjoy without having to worry about mowing. However, if you’re unsure about what you’re doing, it’s best to call the professionals to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. Our fully trained and highly experienced team members have been fitting artificial lawns in NSW since 1995. We’re so confident in our abilities that any lawn we install comes with a six year warranty.

Call Lifestyle Lawns today and receive a FREE quote for a high quality, low maintenance lawn that will rescue your weekends!



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