10 square metres FREE!

Of any of our top quality lawns when we install at least 100sqm

Is the grass child and pet friendly?

Definitely, our grass is manufactured to the highest standard in Australia.

Does Lifestyle Lawns Australia grass get hot?

Our range features some cool yarns, and we also have an option for HydroChill infill which makes the grass about 25% cooler than other products.

How long does installation take?

Anything under around 50 square metres will typically take 1 day to complete.

How long will the grass last?

The grass has a manufacturers warranty of 8 years and an installation warranty of 7 years, but the grass will last 15 to 20 years with a little bit of TLC.

Why do you use infill in the grass?

We use kiln dried sand infill or Hydro Chill infill. The infill serves two purposes. Firstly, it stands the grass up and gives the yarn support for a long lasting life. Secondly, it holds the grass in position and stops it from lifting up. Additionally, the HydroChill infill cools the grass.

What maintenance is required?

Not much at all, a leaf blower if you like a leaf free lawn and a little plastic rake to make it look like new.

Where is the grass manufactured?

All our grass is Australian Made and of the highest quality.